Environmental policy

We recognise we have an important duty to operate with due concern for the environment in which we work, we accept that concern for the environment is an important part of our operations.

It is our policy to develop, maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our systems, processes, equipment and staff to a minimum standard to meet our legal and social obligations.

Our aims are:

  • Auditing and reviewing any measurable objectives.
  • Pursuing continual improvement in environmental performance, where reasonable and practical, in areas such as waste generation, by increasing re-use and recycling and reducing energy consumption.
  • Where possible and practical we will purchase our ingredients from sustainable resources.
  • We will ensure pollution levels are kept to a minimum by turning off appliances/sources when not in use and expect contractors to apply the same standards whilst on site.

We currently:

  • Mill all cardboard products.
  • Mill all recyclable polythene.
  • Mill all recyclable nylon.
  • Using recyclable packaging.
  • Using recyclable tapes.
  • Food by-products are farmed or sent to biomass.
  • Glass/light fittings/metal etc. is disposed of according to Environment Agency.
  • All general waste is compacted and collected by a contractor for disposal.
  • A bicycle shelter is available for staff and visitors
  • Charge points available for staff and visitors who drive electric cars
  • Car sharing encouraged