Product packaging

Correct packaging and storage is vital to maximise quality and shelf life, all products are supplied in either a re-sealable pouch or re-sealable pot. Both of these canisters have been designed to store our products in the best possible way, after removing the tamper seal from both forms of packaging you will be able to reseal time and time again. Our specially designed pouch is made with UV protective material, however storing your products in the ideal environment will ensure you get the very best from your product.

Storing our products


All nuts should be stored in airtight packaging away from any light or heat source, nut products are best stored in dark, cool to ambient conditions. Nuts are incredibly absorbent therefore it is not ideal to refrigerate or freeze, exposing nuts to freezer like conditions will add moisture and encourage mould growth once returned to an ambient environment. If you do decide to freeze your product, it must be consumed shortly after defrosting.

Nut Paste

HBS Natural Choice offers a wide range of additive free nut pastes; nut paste is commonly mistaken for nut butter which normally contains additives for consistency and smoothness.

Unlike butters, our pastes are 100% pure nut which makes them unique, being so natural does bring its differences. Our nut pastes do tend to vary in consistency between batches and due to the lack of emulsifiers and stabilisers the natural oils will separate over time. If your product does separate, simply stir the natural oils back in before use.