Nibbed Pistachios & Nibbed Pecans Mix NCMPP41

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    These nuts have been cut on site into small cubes of uniform size. This delicious mix contains equal parts of nibbed pecans and nibbed pistachios. Beautiful, bright green pistachio composed with smooth and creamy pecans make every dish truly unique. This delightful mix of nuts can be used in breakfast cereals, bakery and confectionery. It’s also  perfect for sprinkling over sweet or savory dishes.

  • Ingredients: Pecans & Pistachios

    Allergy Advice: This product may contain traces of Peanuts and other nuts.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place preferably in an air tight container once opened.

    Specification available upon request.

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Mixed Nuts

Due to the working environment, products may contain traces of peanuts & other nuts, Peanut protein: Target <0.65ppm Maximum level 50ppm.

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