Toasted/Roasted Coconut Chipped NCCO35-T


These are toasted flaked curls of desiccated coconut. They are packed individually in 500g bags as a whole kilo would succumb to damage and breaking. Coconut chips can be used in a variety of ways, an example is as a replacement to bread when creating a topping to add a slight coconut flavour to a meal but still keep the crunchy texture. 

Ingredients: Coconut

Allergy Advice: This product may contain traces of Sulphur DioxidePeanuts and other nuts. Preservative & additive free.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place preferably in an air tight container once opened.

Specification available upon request.

  • Nutritional information per 100g

    Energy 697.00kcal/2869.00Kj
    Fat (Total) 67.10g
    Saturated 61.10g
    Polyunsaturated 0.30g
    Carbohydrate 23.7g
    Of which sugars 6.2g
    Protein 6.8g
    Dietary fibre 14.70g
    Sodium 6.00mg
    Potassium 780.00mg
    Magnesium 158.00mg
    Zinc 1.34mg

    Information taken from Literature or Grower specifications


Due to the working environment, products may contain traces of peanuts & other nuts, Peanut protein: Target <0.65ppm Maximum level 50ppm.

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