Nut Paste Organic Roasted Peanut NCPN23T-O

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    Organic version of Roasted Peanut Paste is a terrifically versatile food stuff. It can be used as a spread such as in the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It can also be used in to add extra flavour to many types of confectionery such as chocolates or cakes. Our Roasted Peanut Paste is 100% natural with no added preservatives or additives.

    Stir before use as some separation of oil will occur.

    Ingredients: 100% Peanuts

    Allergy Advice: This product may contain traces of other nuts. Preservative & additive free.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and strong odours.

    Specification available upon request.



  • Nutritional information per 100g

    Energy 564.00kcal
    Fat (Total) 46.10g
    Saturated 8.20g
    Polyunsaturated 14.30g
    Monounsaturated 21.10g
    Carbohydrate 12.50g
    Of which sugars 6.20g
    Starch 6.30g
    Protein 25.60g
    Water 6.30g
    Dietary fibre 6.20g
    Sodium 2.00mg
    Potassium 670.00mg
    Calcium 60.00g
    Magnesium 210.00mg
    Iron 2.50mg
    Copper 1.02mg
    Zinc 3.50mg
    Chloride 7.00mg
    Vitamin E 10.00mg
    Riboflavin 0.10mg
    Thiamine 1.14mg
    Niacin 13.80mg

    Information taken from Literature or Grower specifications


Due to the working environment, products may contain traces of peanuts & other nuts, Peanut protein: Target <0.65ppm Maximum level 50ppm.

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